Bega Muster

I haven’t done any wallpapers (or anything 8bit for that matter) related in a while. So here’s a splendiferous Mega Man wallpaper to spruce up your desktop. Click above to download the full sized version.

Alas… it is done


Random stuff done in Sai and Sketchbook 2010


Video project for uni.

Yet more Zbrush

Another happy accident.

I call him Charles.

I heard a joke once


One of the workshops we did in uni. I really liked the outcome hence why I’m uploading it.

I forgot where we’re dining tonight.

More animation. This was a collaboration between me and

The original to compare:

Ok so it’s not really anything like the original after the first part.




Head in Zbrush. Body in 3Ds Max.

Someone buy me some Skullcrushers

Skullcandy man is coming along quite nicely.

skullcandy render

skullcandy render2

skullcandy render3

skullcandy render4

Just need to make his headphones and bring him into Zbrush for a bit of fine tuning.

Fun with Zbrush

I’ve been having a little play around with Zbrush now that I know how to use it properly. Just some basic sculpting and Zsphere modeling.

Here are some outcomes.

Zbrush character2

A character made from Zspheres

Zbrush character

A detailed view of the head

zbrush head2

A basic alien head

zbrush head

Playing around with the different alphas