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Someone buy me some Skullcrushers

Skullcandy man is coming along quite nicely.

skullcandy render

skullcandy render2

skullcandy render3

skullcandy render4

Just need to make his headphones and bring him into Zbrush for a bit of fine tuning.


Fun with Zbrush

I’ve been having a little play around with Zbrush now that I know how to use it properly. Just some basic sculpting and Zsphere modeling.

Here are some outcomes.

Zbrush character2

A character made from Zspheres

Zbrush character

A detailed view of the head

zbrush head2

A basic alien head

zbrush head

Playing around with the different alphas

Teaser time


More Shrooms

Here’s the aforementioned stop motion I made. I ended up not using it in my FMP.


God I miss college. Never thought I’d say that.

You know when your parents say to you “Those are the best times of your life” or something along those lines? Well my time at college was right up there.

I met some absolutely legendary people and had a great time.

I really can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into some great new projects at uni but in the meantime here are some pictures of my exhibition waaaaay back in June.




Um, yeah. That's not my hat. It was a hat party. That's the story I'm sticking to.




What what?

I’m no longer a blog virgin. To start with here’s an example of some of my work.

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