Tomophobia designs

For my uni FMP I was tasked with working in a group to design a hospital themed horror video game. Being the design guy of the group I set about creating posters and logos for the game. One of my previous designs for the logo can be found in another post.

Taking on board some feedback I decided to redesign the logo opting for a simpler approach while keeping the main design element, aka the electrocardiogram line running through the letters.


Web designs

Design of the T-shirt variety

Advertising for new media final

Finally, posters and billboards will be made. Here are some examples.

What a billboard might look like in the wild.


A press ad. This would be shown in magazines and newspapers and such.

Advertising for new media cont.

The videos page

Here the user will be able to watch videos of games currently in development for the console. I have chosen four games as an example. The videoplayer is contained within an iframe so when the user clicks on one of the buttons it will play a video inside that iframe.

The games page

On this page the user will be able to get more information on games that have been announced. I have collected some screenshots of iPhone games and created a slideshow similar to the one on the homepage.


Advertising for new media project

For this project I was tasked with choosing and extending an existing brand. I chose to extend the Apple brand by creating a promotional campaign to reveal a theoretical Apple games console.

A flowchart showing the stages of release.

My campaign assumes that real life is a dream and that by using the Apple games console, which I have named the iBox, you can become lucid and take control of this dream.

The campaign kicks of with a mandatory iPhone update which secretly installs a hidden app onto the users phone.

The icon that will appear on the users Springboard

This icon, unlike normal iPhone icons, will slowly pulse to draw the users attention to it. When the user clicks on it it will play a short typography video containing a quote to do with dreaming.

This will create a buzz on the internet and newspapers and magazines will begin to pick up on the story.

What a copy of Macworld might look like
When the hype has been left to build, a website will be setup to handle the reveal.
The splash screen for the website

This is what the splash screen will look like. Initially it will only show the date and the text above it. The apple logo animates to the sound of a heartbeat. On the specified date an enter button will appear and the user is free to explore the site.

The homepage

This is the first page the user comes to after clicking on enter. The header images at the top of each page are animated using Flash. The lower right content area also uses Flash. The user is able to view thew different images by clicking on the thumbnails or the arrows. The images will fade in over two seconds when clicked on.

The specs page

 The specs are actually just the specs for an Apple TV that I copied and pasted from the Apple website.

Dr Herb Website

This is a layout I made for a website promoting the game Dr Herb. It contains various flash content such as the slideshow pictured near the top of the page. This is where news updates will be displayed and the user will be able to click through them using the arrows.

Dr Herb logo design

Uni work. A logo design for a game called Dr Herb.


I recently got back into Tshirt design. Here are three Blazblue related shirts because I’m a rabid fanboy like that.